Some information about Angels and Arch Angels is thousands of years old.

Some information has been received in the last 50 years.

With the shift in energy, it's easier to listen to your intuition, once you clean your energy through meditation or prayer to find truth.


Project, is energetically confirming the information through scientifically proven "muscle testing" or Body Taps of a group of over 50 people from all walks of life.

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Kate Hellmers
What an Experience!
SUMMER of 2014
For thousands of years almost every religion or spiritual practice has worked with Angels and Arch Angels. There is a reason . . . They are fun to work with and they can help us make good things happen in our lives as helpers of the Highest Energy there is.

This is non-denominational information specifically about the Arch Angels.

Science has been able to prove that there is energy running through each of us. Those who have been studying human energy have discovered that we have energy running though our bodies capable of giving us answers to question that we ask ourselves. It is similar to intuition, but the energy flows directly towards certain areas of the body (muscles, thymus glands, and etc.) to provide different responses depending on whether the answer is yes or no. Pretty handy.

Kate Hellmers identifies this flow of energy as Body Taps, which is explained further in her book Your 10 Keys, coming out at the end of 2014. There are over 50 different Body Tap signals someone can receive. A well known example of a Body Tap would be the hairs on the back of your neck raising. It sounds simple right? However, this physical response from your body can signify three completely different things. The two most well known reasons for this response are when you sense danger and when you are overcome with pure joy (a wedding, graduation, etc.).

In the Summer of Angels project, Kate teaches the participants how to clean and protect their energy now that the energy has completed its 10 year shift. She also identifies each individual's most beneficial Body Taps for YES/NO questions so that they know how to receive answers to their questions with clarity and ease. Participants will also discover a bonus Body Tap as well! Kate is one of the world's foremost leaders at teaching people how to clean and protect their energy, along with separating out non-beneficial energy around them so that they are only dealing with the Highest Light. She has taught professionals in the energy world, scientists, executives in business, college students, and many others how to work with human energy.

The Arch Angel Answers book provides descriptions for 122 Arch Angels and explains how they can help each of us. The information in the book has already been individually verified three times. The Summer of Angels project incorporates verifying the energetic answers of people from all walks of life; from pros in the industry, people that have never worked with energy, those devoted to religion, and to people that "aren't quite sure about the whole energy thing" (even though it's been scientifically proven).

Each Arch Angel's description will be verified by a minimum of 20 people!

This has never been done before with any information about Angels! Books about Angels and Arch Angels have been written regarding what has been said throughout history or based on one person's information. Arch Angel Answers takes historical accounts, information received by our professionals, and non-professionals and then energetically verifies it all!!!

The results are fun and amazing!

See below for an example of what a page from the book will look like. Simple, fun and interesting information.

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